Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What a blessing

What a blessing it is to live in this world of ours. WOW! Look around you sometimes. The beautiful colors we have, wonderful sunsets (usually in bed when sunrise happens), plants, animals, wonderful friends, I mean how lucky we are to live here (wherever it is you live). Most of all we have been blessed with a wonderful father in heaven who truely loves each one us and wants to help us in anyway that we can. I'm sorry if I seem like I'm preachin' to all of you who read this but this is what gets me my title of "churchie". Guess there is no secret in that though. I have gone through rough times in my life and I am still going through more of them but to make it all better with me atleast I just send a little prayer-mail to my heavenly father. You know the picture of Christ at the door where there is no handle but he's knocking? Well that's life for ya. Christ wants to help us but he can't just come on over or give us a revelation, we need to ask for help. Your teacher won't help you with an answer if they don't know you're having a problem with it and even though God knows all us and what's going on we need to raise our hands and ask for help. Thanks for the help that I've recieved from each of you and all of the love. You've been a lighthouse for all of my stormy seas. What a blessing you all are.

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