Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What a blessing

What a blessing it is to live in this world of ours. WOW! Look around you sometimes. The beautiful colors we have, wonderful sunsets (usually in bed when sunrise happens), plants, animals, wonderful friends, I mean how lucky we are to live here (wherever it is you live). Most of all we have been blessed with a wonderful father in heaven who truely loves each one us and wants to help us in anyway that we can. I'm sorry if I seem like I'm preachin' to all of you who read this but this is what gets me my title of "churchie". Guess there is no secret in that though. I have gone through rough times in my life and I am still going through more of them but to make it all better with me atleast I just send a little prayer-mail to my heavenly father. You know the picture of Christ at the door where there is no handle but he's knocking? Well that's life for ya. Christ wants to help us but he can't just come on over or give us a revelation, we need to ask for help. Your teacher won't help you with an answer if they don't know you're having a problem with it and even though God knows all us and what's going on we need to raise our hands and ask for help. Thanks for the help that I've recieved from each of you and all of the love. You've been a lighthouse for all of my stormy seas. What a blessing you all are.

Monday, December 12, 2005

she's going and there's nothing I can do about it

I'm losing my best friend up here (besides Ashley). When Brooke and I became best friends in the apartment she decided that due to circumstances she could not control she had to leave and so to valley view she went. I still see her sometimes and we have a lot of fun when we're around each other, but it's not like when she was my roomie roommate. We'd share our hopes, our fears, what we wanted to do with our life, embarresing moments (natural heater) and how much alike we were. She and I being the only ones from Utah in the Apt. we could relate on so many things. She was the only one who I NEVER had arguments with and never even had anything to argue with about. She was better than a sister because sisters always fight, but not us. I was able to go to her with all of my problems because no matter what it was she could relate, but now she is leaving USU altogether and moving out of Utah. We both promised to keep in contact, but contact through email never lasts. She will always be the best friend that I made up here in logan and I'll miss her a lot. Here's to you sis.


Why are girls so full of drama. I thought that I'd left the drama department but no, these guys are about to make it to broadway. No one can clean just there own stuff, we have to have a chore wheel which no one uses, major touble if you leave a pizza box on top of the fridge, offering a few to someone is really saying "here you can have the rest of it, I'm done" and when you put your name on your food and you leave it, it no longer is your food. If you've seen Mean Girls then you know how much back talk goes on. I am so sick of walking into a room where the girls were just talking about me. Freshmen year is where each girl is trying to find out who they are and it hurts seeing those who are also LDS completely go rebel.
Another thing that drives me up the wall is when I say seat or bum instead of butt like the way I was brought up and they will call me "churchie", or mo-mo". It's not suppose to be meant as a compliment. I didn't care the first hundred times they said it, but it has gotten to be really annoying. Have you ever had someone call you goodie-goodie many times? Imagine that all of the time.

isn't that the way it goes

My biggest fault is that I am a procrastinator. It bugs me and yet I do nothing to change it. I am in the constant mind set of "I'll do it tomorrow", but in my own stupid opinion tomorrow never comes and I'm waisting my time. If you must know I registered really late for school, and I am barely able to pay for school because I didn't want to work hard enough for the money. I love to socialize, but in the end had I worked during that pointless time of waisting the time that I shouldn't have, I'm 80 bucks poorer. "don't it always seem that you don't know what you got til' it's gone".