Saturday, December 12, 2009

Being Like Her

It's still a strange thing for me to think of myself as a mom. I look at my own mom and see her as this amazingly wonderful and wise woman. She always has the perfect advice to give and knows how to brighten anyones day. She stayed with me for a few days when my daughter first came home with us and I dont think I could have made it through those days with out her. She knew just how to handled my meltdowns. I watch a lot of movies and hearing someone say "oh no I'm turning into my mother!" isn't an unfamiliar phrase. For me it's quite the opposite, I look at my mother and pray that I can come close to being like her. She is one of my best friends, I can talk to her about anything and I know she has helped shape who I am today. Hopefully my daughter and I can have the same relationship. I think we can't truly admire everything that our parents have done for us until we become parents ourselves. Realizing the hard decisions that they made for us and saying it was "for our own good" isn't easy to see at the time but with that time comes understanding . My husband and I both look at our parnents and hope that we can be like them. I love you Mom and Dad!