Sunday, November 14, 2010

Emmalyn's first word in action

Alright so in addition to saying momma dadda and hi we figured that Emmalyn's first real word was tickle because she actually tries to tickle us while she says it. Here's a clip of her trying to tickle me.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lots O' Changes

So Matt and I have made a couple of changes to our occupations this week. I've started my own independent business with Premier Jewlery, meaning I'm going to be selling jewlery. I've always wanted to do something like this because I love it when us girls all get together and have a good time. I was very close to selling Mary Kay as I love the product but after learning about what it takes to become a consultant I really couldn't see myself doing it. Then when I was visiting teaching one of the sisters in my ward she was telling me how she sells jewlery and I thought, "oh no she's going to try and get me to host a party" as most of us would think right off. Then when she heard that I almost did Mary Kay she came over and talked to me about it and it was so much different! I can't wait to do this, and get to meet new people not to mention help out with finances. Seriously, I'm excited so now I have to put in a plug, if anyone is interested in hosting a party I would love to do one for you. You wouldn't have to buy jewlery at all, it's just to help me practice and also just for holding a party you automatically get $25.00 of free jewlery which means if you find something that you like but can't afford it just host a party and then you'll be able to. And come on, it's me I'm not pushy at all!
Anyway as for Matt he is still doing security guarding but he has also decided to join APEX selling security systems. Which means that next summer we'll be moving for 4 months to wherever they send us and I have to tell you I'm really excited about. I've never lived outside of Utah before, atleast not more than a week and I can't wait! Too bad we signed on this early eh? So hopefully these changes are going to be for good and don't end up being a problem, we feel really good about both so here's hoping.

Emmalyn's 1 year birthday!

Here she is just starting out licking every single finger. She kept looking at me, are you serious you're really going to let me eat this by myself?
Getting it all over the mouth.

You can see the sugar in her eyes, she stayed up until 1:00 that night.

And then she went crazy!!!!! We had a blast that night and by the looks of it so did Emmalyn.

Needless to say her diaper the next morning brought new meaning to the song, "New Moon"

Friday, November 05, 2010

Christmas music in November? Count me in!

While driving down to West Valley this morning I decided to turn to FM 100.3 and lo and behold they are already playing Christmas music. I'm sorry for all of you who don't believe in music until December but I believe that it is just too good of music to only hear for 1 month. I was singing my heart out and it made me so happy! I love this time of year, beautiful colors everywhere you look and just cool enough for a sweater or a jacket although I'm sure that will be changing very soon. What a wonderful world.

1 year birthday!!!

Can you believe it, my little girl is 1 years old today! I can hardly believe it myself, this last year has gone by so fast. Now I can say a year ago I wasn't pregnant. At this moment 1 year ago I was holding my new daughter only a few hours old, feeling like junk but not being able to take my eyes off of her. Everyone told me to have her stay with the nurses during the night but I really didn't want to let her go. I had waited 9 months to get her and I didn't want to be away from her for a moment more. (New moms-to-be I don't encourage this because after 3 or 4 nights of no sleep I was crying at everything).
It's amazing to me how much Emmalyn has changed in 1 year, she's crawling, walking along everything (with assistance still) says words like Momma, Dada, tickle, hi (especially when holding a phone to her ear) and I absolutely love her babbling, she really thinks that she is talking to me and we love making up what she is saying. Her smile and laughter can turn my day around so quickly it's the best medicine. I love my little girl so much and can't imagine how we did with out her. Here's to many more birthdays, who knows what she'll be doing by this time next year?