Saturday, December 12, 2009

Being Like Her

It's still a strange thing for me to think of myself as a mom. I look at my own mom and see her as this amazingly wonderful and wise woman. She always has the perfect advice to give and knows how to brighten anyones day. She stayed with me for a few days when my daughter first came home with us and I dont think I could have made it through those days with out her. She knew just how to handled my meltdowns. I watch a lot of movies and hearing someone say "oh no I'm turning into my mother!" isn't an unfamiliar phrase. For me it's quite the opposite, I look at my mother and pray that I can come close to being like her. She is one of my best friends, I can talk to her about anything and I know she has helped shape who I am today. Hopefully my daughter and I can have the same relationship. I think we can't truly admire everything that our parents have done for us until we become parents ourselves. Realizing the hard decisions that they made for us and saying it was "for our own good" isn't easy to see at the time but with that time comes understanding . My husband and I both look at our parnents and hope that we can be like them. I love you Mom and Dad!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So as the baby-ometer will show you I'm due today, CRAZY! I never really thought that this day would get here and now that it has.... There's not much action goin' on. I guess she doesn't have some watch telling her it's time to come out. But we'll see, it's still the middle of the day so I've got some time right? I atleast know that she can't come any late than November 4th, that's when they'll induce me if she doesn't come on her own. I'm just so excited to meet her, I'm getting really anxious. No worries though I will definately post pictures of her on my blog.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Counting down the days

So it's getting closer to that day and a million things keep going through my head. "Will I be a good mother, can I do as good as my Mom and Dad did with us Palmer kids, how can I be a good parent but still be a friend to my daughter", plus a ton more questions. We went to my in-laws yesterday and my brother-in-law was talking about parenting and it just kind of hit me that this is all really happening. I had my last baby shower this last Saturday and now the next thing to happen for us Omers is to have the baby. We feel pretty ready but I'm sure once she gets here that feeling will change though. It's wierd just waiting for it to happen. I wish that I knew for sure when she is coming, I mean I have a predicted due date but she could come early or go longer, it's killing me just waiting!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life is very interesting isn't it.

So I didn't realize that I hadn't even posted if I was having a girl or boy HAHA. Yup as the majority of you should know we are having a girl at the end of October and we are so excited for her arrival. We move into our new place on Tuesday and I'm mainly excited to start working on the nursery for her. Just so you know, it's going to be completely PINK! So anyway, here's what's new with Matt and me. We just finished working at a Scout Camp for the summer and it was the best summer of my life. The staff was so wonderful to work with and I was in the kitchen which I think was the best place for me. Matt and I were lucky enough to be able use a trailer so I was always very comfortable. Also my cute sister-in-law Amy gave me a pair of rocket dogs (shoes) she'd gotten at a yard sale that didn't fit her and I never had sore feet the whole time after that which was a major blessing. I worked with 2 other girls in the kitchen, Kammie and Teresa. Teresa was mainly the head cook and 42 years old but she was my best friend up at camp. She could always make me laugh and made the kitchen fun when Kammie was being a punk. The environment was wonderful except for the shortage of air and the big hills you have to climb to get anywhere. Potguts, squirrels, and chipmunks everywhere with an occasional deer were the wildlife we'd run into. I was a wonderful time but it's also really good to be back. I'm ready to just focus on getting ready now for our new baby in October!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Coming arrival update!

So we were thinking that we would find out the gender of our baby today but it turns out that it is going to be on June 9th which is in 3 weeks from now. We did however get to hear the baby's heartbeat which was really neat, so what are your guesses? Girl or Boy?

Friday, March 06, 2009

Exciting News!!!

So Matt and I just found out that we are going to be expecting a baby in October. You might say we've got a bun cooking in the over, you may even say there's a package coming in less than 9 months. Anyway, I'll be updating you all on everything that goes on and I'll also be needing everyone's prayers for the next few months, thanks!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New promotion!

So it finally happened I've been promoted for the first time in my life. So for the last almost year and a half I've been working at house 2 for Chrysalis and have loved every minute of it, especially the girls I work with and for. Anyway, a week ago our associate director asked the manager of my house to refer someone for a manager position for another house, and she chose me. So on Friday I had an interview and later that night she told me that I got the job and that my last day working with the house would be the upcoming sunday shift, which is a grave shift. Meaning I wont get to work with any of the girls on my last shift. I was/am really excited for this but got a little sad knowing that I'm pretty much done with that house but my manager talked her in to one more shift at our house since it is liz's birthday and we're having a big celebration. I'm having tons of mixed feelings about the whole thing really since the last time I was a manager my boss tore me apart. I'm sure this one will be different it's just a lot to take on though.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Sweet Sister Lizzy Sing Me a Sweet Song of Joy

Music has always been a really big part of my life, what with piano, voilin, singing, and dancing that I've been a part of. My family loves music as well so I've also grown up with it throughout my life. I've used it to escape the world, to express myself, to calm myself down, and to rejuvinate my spirit just to name a few. When ever Matt and I watch a movie he'll comment on how the music is so I've been noticing it a lot more myslef. I just finished watching Chronicles of Narnia the 2nd one and the song at the very end of the movie right before the credits is just unbelievable. It's called The Call by Regina Spektor and if you have a minute you should listen to it, it's at the beginning of my music playlist on my blog. There's also another song that just tickeled the ivory of my heart strings (sorry, working my grave) it's from the new movie Twilight and it's called Bella's Lullaby. This song is also on my music playlist and I just can't explain how much I love these songs. They make me want to cry and yet I feel really happy when I listen to them. Isn't music absolutely wonderful?