Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So, today being the 14th of August is no ordinary day my friends, oh no. It is a marker for something, as is every 14th but this one is the most exciting of them all. This day ladies and....if any gentlemen ever read this, is the marking of 1 month left before my Elder buddy comes home from his 2 year missin in Hawaii. Okay, so maybe this date isn't as exciting to you as it is to me, but I've been waiting for this day a long time. Well, technically I'm waiting for the next 14th but this 14th is the last one I have to wait for until I can be 1 month closer to him coming home. I mean, I've counted the last 24 14ths's of the months and now I'm so excited to be excited for the here and now. WAHOO, for counting, cuz in the end...hopefully it pays off.