Monday, December 12, 2005

isn't that the way it goes

My biggest fault is that I am a procrastinator. It bugs me and yet I do nothing to change it. I am in the constant mind set of "I'll do it tomorrow", but in my own stupid opinion tomorrow never comes and I'm waisting my time. If you must know I registered really late for school, and I am barely able to pay for school because I didn't want to work hard enough for the money. I love to socialize, but in the end had I worked during that pointless time of waisting the time that I shouldn't have, I'm 80 bucks poorer. "don't it always seem that you don't know what you got til' it's gone".

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Ashlyn said...

I'm the exact same way. I hope that everything turns out okay for you. Don't worry, I'm sure that it will. Just remember that you are not alone on this boat. Ps- I'm so glad that you started blogging again! Love ya!