Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wide awake at 5

I sit on my couch trying to finish my assignment that is due at 7:30 in the morning,
sleep tries to overcome me at 2 in the morning.
I listen to beautiful music placed for my listening by mater,
my down comforter is calling my name at 3 in the morning.
I text mater to see if he's still working on his assignment due in the morning
because at 4 in the morning I need something to keep me awake.
I look at the clock saying that it's 5 in the morning,
oddly I'm wide awake.
I find myself not wanting to go to bed
because who can wake up at 7 in the morning when they went to sleep at 5.
I don't want to miss the sunrise
so I stay up the whole morning to see it.
I will probably regret this later
because I'm wide awake at 5!