Monday, March 13, 2006

what a difference

Just recently I was able to go home because USU is off for spring break and I REALLY enjoyed it. It's good to be going back to school since my break is over, but there is one thing (besides friends and family) that I missed above everything else; having the priesthood in my home. Living in an all girls dorm you don't really get that there. When I was home, my dad gave a lesson at family home evening and I just felt so good. I didn't have anyone telling me that the church was stupid, that I was as well for believing it or that institute was a waste of time and that was such a wonderful thing for me. I just feel good being home. I do at school, but it's just not the same thing, I really do feel a difference. I love my family and especially my dad. I want to be like him and I hope that the spouse I choose some day is like him. THANK YOU DAD. I LOVE YOU!!!!!