Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So as the baby-ometer will show you I'm due today, CRAZY! I never really thought that this day would get here and now that it has.... There's not much action goin' on. I guess she doesn't have some watch telling her it's time to come out. But we'll see, it's still the middle of the day so I've got some time right? I atleast know that she can't come any late than November 4th, that's when they'll induce me if she doesn't come on her own. I'm just so excited to meet her, I'm getting really anxious. No worries though I will definately post pictures of her on my blog.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Counting down the days

So it's getting closer to that day and a million things keep going through my head. "Will I be a good mother, can I do as good as my Mom and Dad did with us Palmer kids, how can I be a good parent but still be a friend to my daughter", plus a ton more questions. We went to my in-laws yesterday and my brother-in-law was talking about parenting and it just kind of hit me that this is all really happening. I had my last baby shower this last Saturday and now the next thing to happen for us Omers is to have the baby. We feel pretty ready but I'm sure once she gets here that feeling will change though. It's wierd just waiting for it to happen. I wish that I knew for sure when she is coming, I mean I have a predicted due date but she could come early or go longer, it's killing me just waiting!