Monday, December 12, 2005


Why are girls so full of drama. I thought that I'd left the drama department but no, these guys are about to make it to broadway. No one can clean just there own stuff, we have to have a chore wheel which no one uses, major touble if you leave a pizza box on top of the fridge, offering a few to someone is really saying "here you can have the rest of it, I'm done" and when you put your name on your food and you leave it, it no longer is your food. If you've seen Mean Girls then you know how much back talk goes on. I am so sick of walking into a room where the girls were just talking about me. Freshmen year is where each girl is trying to find out who they are and it hurts seeing those who are also LDS completely go rebel.
Another thing that drives me up the wall is when I say seat or bum instead of butt like the way I was brought up and they will call me "churchie", or mo-mo". It's not suppose to be meant as a compliment. I didn't care the first hundred times they said it, but it has gotten to be really annoying. Have you ever had someone call you goodie-goodie many times? Imagine that all of the time.


Ashlyn said...

Just remember that song from Shania Twain..."Up, up, up, it only goes up from here...". I'm so sorry for the way that things have been going. You really don't deserve that at all. Stay strong! And remember that I am always here if you need me.

fezzik said...

You can always come crash down here if you need to. I'm so sorry about your roommates. Be strong!