Sunday, August 14, 2005

"excerpt from sunday talk"

Last night I had to drive on the freeway, alone, at night, and for all those who know me well know I do not like to drive on the freeway at all let alone at night. I kept dreading the belt route that I would have to take to get home because you go around that turn extremely fast. I accidentally took the exit right before that and had no idea where I was. Before me was this humongous intersection and I didn't know how to go through it. I thought to myself I'll just follow what everyone else does and maybe that will get me home. Wrong idea!!! I ended up in West Jordan. I knew which way I was supposed to be heading so I made a right turn and stayed on that road for a while trying to think of what to do next. I just kept praying hoping I'd figure out where I was, and suddenly out of no where I knew exactly where I was.

Isn't that how life is sometimes? We make a wrong turn and suddenly we're lost. Then when you think you can do it alone you decide you start to follow everyone else and that doesn't do any good. then you make a RIGHT decision, pray for guidence, and suddenly you know where and who you are. Life's funny sometimes and you have to make the best of it that you can.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

I'm comin' out

Well I guess one thing I have to include in my blog is a little about myself:
1-I turn into mr. Hyde after 11:00 p.m.
2-I somtimes don't know when to quit
3-I always tried being something I'm not
4-I have the best sister in the world
5-I can't stand another blonde remark
6-I love all of my friends
7-I am so proud to be LDS
8-I AM SCARED TO DEATH to go to school where I know almost no one.
9-I'm a person who is content with anything, it's one of my good faults.
10-I have no idea what the future holds.

Who could complain

Life has been great to me. I can't complain because once you do you can always find someone else who has had it worse. I could be bitter about my job, but when working with such wonderful people, who could complain. I've had awe inspiring friends making me want to be better. Take Ashlyn, she could keep you laughing for hours, she inspires me to see the good in the world. There's Holli-bear, now if I could be like her, I'd have all the guys after me. She is so mature for her age she won't be single long. Shakes and I've been through a lot. we've had our ups and downs but can always call each other great friends. Fezzik as I think she's called? She is soooo smart, she can figure things out like that. I always can depend on her. What a wonderful person to spend the next year of USU with. Mary-Jane I think it is. She is a very interesting person. No matter what she'll never cease to suprise me. I've had many-a-fun conversation with her. Nancy Pong and I are quite a lot alike in many ways. No doubt she's the brains, but we also laugh for hours on end. Now I'm not saying each and everyone of my friends don't all share the same qualities, that's just what I see when I'm with them. They're all such wonderful loving beautiful girls, who could complain when I've got the leaders of our generation talking girl talk with me. You guys make life worth it and I thank you.