Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's been too long

So I realize that the majority of the people who have ever stumbled upon this blog have pretty much given up on ever seeing something on here again but I don't care, gonna write anyway. Not even sure what about quite yet but I have been looking on some posts of my buddies and thought how sad it is that I have not written since February. 

So right now school is getting to the point that it's no longer new and we're all getting back into having a routine everyday. I like routines so it's nice to be on a schedule. The unfortunate part of it is that I don't get to see Matt as often as he is BUSY BUSY BUSY these days. He goes to Wasatch Jr. High early in the morning to teach his choir class, which he loves btw, says it's the thing he looks forward to each day (Gee I thought it was coming home to see me :-) then he speeds off to school at the U where he is late even before he makes it to his car. Going to be a fun class for him to keep up on. Next he comes home  and we try to make some kind of a dinner for him to take to work at Enterprise rent a car. The poor guy works so hard for our family and I love him so much for it!!!!

I had a busy summer filled with and AMAZING trip to Hawaii, trips to the Zoo, BBQ's, playing on the playground outside our door, walking to the library, MANY shave ice trips, LOTS of getting together with both sides of the family (which I always enjoy), a few parades, babysitting, a Bee's game for my birthday with my fam, got a new look, some spectacular fireworks, watched me some Olympics, piano lessons preparing for our piano recital that we just had and was a total success, and being with friends that I miss like crazy when I'm not with them. 

I'm so excited that Fall is here, getting to wear sweaters, boots and cardigans WOOT! The only bad thing about Autumn however is the freezing cold that follows it BLEH!
Bye for now, hopefully it's not 7 months before the next post heh. 

My wonderful husband, isn't he cute?
My adorable piano students. They worked so hard for this recital I was very proud of them. 
Brigham City Temple Open House, It was even more special sharing it with my friends!
Gotta have a silly face in here. 
These are Emmalyn's buddies, a couple have moved away but they are all so cute together.