Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My new passion

I never thought that I would be saying it, but I love to go Country Dancing. I know what you are saying if you know me. "you are a dancer so it should come easy to you". It didn't. The first guy that I danced with was a horrible leader and me not knowing a thing couldn't help him out. The next guy (my age but a little strange) took it slow and taught me all of his sweet moves so I could kind of get it. After three dances with him I felt like I was getting the hang of it. My sister and I did make frequent visits to the hip-hop room which is a blast but only if you go in a little corner where no scary guys can get at ya. I then danced with 3 more guys who were amazing and pushed, turned, and placed me in a way so that I would do the move that they were doing. I never thought that I could pick up on Country Dancing. YEEEHAW!!! I especially love the line dancing. If you haven't gone country dancing I highly recommend it. Wow, what a wonderful thrill. I am glad though that I am not a guy. They are the ones who actually have to learn it because they are the ones leading the girls. Course, I'm still going to go so that I can keep practicing. Yea, how fun. I am so excited for the next dance.


lucywarner7285 said...

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Ashlyn said...

I read over your blog, and I found it inquisitive.....I just have to say- How is it that this person can say big words like "inquisitive", but they can not cannot capitalize "I"? Just a question. Anyway, getting back to your blog--- That sounds like an absolute blast! I just can't wait till you take me. (Wink, Wink!)

fezzik said...

HOWDY!!! I guess it's inevitable if you live in Logan you'll have to be exposed to a little country now and then. :D Just kidding.

Sounds pretty awesome, though. Hey, I have some news. :)