Friday, January 28, 2011


So we are getting more and more excited to leave Utah and head to Alabama for the summer but also more and more nervous as well. I've never lived for more than a week at a time out of the state so this will be a really big adventure for me. Also it kind of scares me that Matt has not made any sales yet which isn't a very good indicator. Matt actually gets to go to Alabama next week from Monday to Wednesday which makes me a loner for a while, anyone up for a party? a visit? an online chat? ANYTHING people seriously I will be SO bored at that time! I'm interested to find out what Matt thinks of Alabama. I just found out that wherever we live is going to be fully furnished so we don't have to take all of our stuff down there. We may just have Emmalyn in the pack N' Play all summer who knows.

My job is slowing down a little bit but I'm hoping it picks up with February's awesome benefits. which are if your party earns at least $125 you get $50 instead of the original $25. If it gets over $400 all 4 benefits double to $50 instead of just the $25. It's a great month to have a party, especially since it's Valentines Month so anyone interested let me know. I'd love to do a party for you. I've got a goal of having 4 different parties for people I don't know, now all I need to do is find some people I don't know.......... wish me luck.

Emmalyn is just a walking, gabbing 1 year old, CRAZY! Her only level of volume is yelling so she is always trying to be louder than anything else that makes noise. She'll also starting talking in her own language to herself and I'll all of the sudden here her laugh at herself, like she said something funny. I don't know what she's saying but she makes me laugh so hard.

And the last thing on my mind is, I miss the sun! I'm so done with winter time. The coldness keeps me inside which makes me go insane. I can't wait for Spring!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We're moving to Alabama baby!!!! Ok only for the summer but still I'm pretty excited. Matt is going to be selling security systems for APEX soon to be VIV-INT (I think that's how to spell it). Matt will leave as soon as his finals are over for the semester and I will stay until after my sister gets married on May 14th SO EXCITING!!! Then we'll head back after that.
My awesome brother gets home from him mission sometime in August so depending on when he gets home we may come back a little earlier or right before school starts in the fall. Anyway, wish us luck! I am dreding packing :-(