Friday, September 26, 2008

Update on me and the hubby

Why hello friends, sorry it has been a while but every time I try to write something I can never think of anything intereting. You guys are always writing way cool updates so I gotta step it up a notch. Well for starters I am currently trying to get a job at the Legacy nursing home and instead of going into Special Education I am going to go into Nursing. I'm hopping that I'll like it cuz it seems really perfect!!! Matt is also trying to get another job, which would be so exciting but it's going to be 4 to 8... IN THE MORNING! I'm just hopping he doesn't fall asleep in all of his classes. the biggest problem is that if/when I get my job (trying to stay positive here) he'll get off at 8, I will probably start work at 8 and when I get off I'll head to my other job and when I get off from that I'll go home, to where Matt will already be asleep. Tuesdays through Thursdays will suck! I'll never see my husband! Well on the positive side his birthday is coming up and I do love a good birthday cake. Well I think that that's about it. I hope you all are doing very well. I love you all, have the best day!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Life as, well I know it!

oh my goodness this is what I get for trying to write a blog. I just wrote a huge huge blog and now it's gone!!!! Curse.... whatever made me lose that blog. Someday I'll try again but I'm too upset about it now