Friday, April 22, 2011

Matt's selling journey so far

So Matt has been in Georgia for 2 weeks now and I thought you all should know just how he is doing. He started out in Thomasville Georgia and for a week was having no luck. He was lonely, discouraged and living off of PB&J's everyday. Then on Monday April the 18th he made 2 sales in one day, then the next day he got one more. He's now in Columbus Georgia selling and more people are passing credit checks than in Thomasville (you have to pay $200 more dollars if you don't pass it, so most people don't do it). He's made a really good friend with a guy up there who has been asking a lot about the church and even considering going with Matt to church on Sunday. We'll keep you posted on that but Matt says he's a really nice guy and really fun to be around. I miss Matt like CRAZY but I'm getting by with both my families. For those who live in Utah, Matt comes back on Friday the 13th of May at 2 in the afternoon and we leave for Georgia on monday the 16th. We were able to get 2 round trip tickets for free, except $15 of tax. If anyone wants to know more about that reply.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Potty Trouble!

So we're staying at my parents home in West Valley and it's a little hard to keep things baby proofed like cabinets and doors closed. When we lived in our aparment you just always closed the bathroom after you but now I can't get people to close them!!! As a result of this if it ever gets silent I make a mad dash to the bathroom and sure enough there I'll find her playing in the toilet with a huge puddle on the floor. I just did this 5 minutes ago and this time she had my hairbrush in the toilet!!!!!! ARGH!!!! What am I going to do with her? I have to admit it is pretty hard to stay mad at her especially when she signs the word "sorry" with her little hand so I get over it pretty fast. As I'm writing this Emmalyn just sqeezed her apple juice box on my pants and spilled a bag of Quaker Rice Snacks on me. I was about to explode when Matt just walked in the door with flowers for me. I just started crying! I love that man so much and I'm going to miss him like crazy! Ok so now life is ok again.

Monday, April 04, 2011

are empowering!

I just colored my fingernails red the other day and I LOVE them!
Also my awesome Mother-in-law colored Emmalyn's fingers and toes
RED and she she looks adorable. This is a first for me and I hope it's
not the last :-)