Monday, April 05, 2010

New stuff for the Omers

So okay there isn't too much new stuff for us I just couldn't really think of a good title. Matt's still working at Peak Alarm as a security guard and I think that it is beginning to take a toll on him. I have to keep making him take a nap when he seems really irritated, and then I have to give myself a nap when Emmalyn doesn't sleep too well through the night. As for me, I got a job working at home on the computer. They really only ask 2 hours every day but they also don't pay very well. I pretty much just transcribe for salesmen and input information into their calendar if needed. It's not that hard to do, but Emmalyn always seems to want my attention when I get on the computer.
Speaking of Emmaly she is 5 months old today! Can you believe it? It's almost been half of a year since she's been born. She's getting pretty good at sitting up and also pushing herself up when she is on her stomach. She smiles and laughs constantly and makes us laugh all of the time as well. We couldn't imagine our life without her. So also in the way of new news I've been working with a personal trainer for a couple of weeks and she has really been working me hard. I guess she's doing what she's suppose to but I'm having a hard time walking as a result, I think just need to stretch better.
We also got a Wii with some of our tax return, I got a good deal on (I'm addicted to that site). It's been really great and since we're addicted to it we decided to turn off the TV since we were addicted to that. I can't tell you what a difference that has made for us. We don't accidentally come onto a horrible show or hear swear words all day. That junk just tares you down and we are glad to be rid of it. We did turn it on for conference which was absolutely wonderful but we turned it back off afterwards.
Well that is about it for us, life is wonderful, we are so happy and glad to be alive!