Monday, December 12, 2005

she's going and there's nothing I can do about it

I'm losing my best friend up here (besides Ashley). When Brooke and I became best friends in the apartment she decided that due to circumstances she could not control she had to leave and so to valley view she went. I still see her sometimes and we have a lot of fun when we're around each other, but it's not like when she was my roomie roommate. We'd share our hopes, our fears, what we wanted to do with our life, embarresing moments (natural heater) and how much alike we were. She and I being the only ones from Utah in the Apt. we could relate on so many things. She was the only one who I NEVER had arguments with and never even had anything to argue with about. She was better than a sister because sisters always fight, but not us. I was able to go to her with all of my problems because no matter what it was she could relate, but now she is leaving USU altogether and moving out of Utah. We both promised to keep in contact, but contact through email never lasts. She will always be the best friend that I made up here in logan and I'll miss her a lot. Here's to you sis.


Ashlyn said...

I am sorry about you loosing Brooke. She sounds like one cool cat. Don't dispair, I'm sure that you guys will be able to stay in touch. You guys have an awesome friendship. And nothing can break up the strong one's. Love ya! Good luck!

fezzik said...

Ditto on what Ashlyn said. No matter what, you'll always have her as a friend.

Galvanize chaos said...

I'm sorry too, I'm sure you can keep close with email and I hope she can come visit. I love you PeachyQueen!! Good luck with finals and with moving home :)