Monday, July 18, 2011

End of a decade

Many people have already blogged about this so I'm just going to add my thoughts to theirs.


I was introduced to Harry Potter in junior high by my friend Marianne who told me that the books were amazing and you can't put them down. It sounded like my kind of book as I had previously been into everything that Rohld Dahl wrote and other authors like that so I thought I'd give them a try. At that time the 3rd book was out and people were anxiously awaiting the 4th book, I quickly became one of them as I could not put those first 3 books down. The books are just like plunging your face into a pensieve and watching everything happen. Her details are exact and you can imagine every single thing that is going on. I recently finished the series Fablehaven which is also an AMAZING book but one thing I didn't like was when something big happens in the book you have to read and re-read the sentence a few times because there was no warning and it gets a little confusing. When J. K. Rowling writes you understand everything and even find yourself gasping when it happens. I grew up along with the books and had many dreams where I was with the characters in their world. I use to believe that I couldn't see them because they were under the invisibility cloak but they were there. When the first movie came out I was in heaven because I could finally put a face with the characters. I was even more excited when I realized my initials were the same as Harry Potters (at the time) and the actor who plays Harry Potter shared the same birthday as me. I stayed up all night readying those books, I pre-ordered them, I'd go crazy when each book ended because I couldn't wait for the next installment. When the 7th book came out I spent every minute I could to find out how it ended, it made me a little sad though because that world came to an end but I still had the movies to look forward to. With the end of the final movie there was a huge feeling of sadness because I realized I was done with that world. Oh I'll always be able to re-visit the books and even watch the movies but there isn't anything else to anticipate anymore. It's like a friend moved away and I wont get to see them again. Call me cheesy and maybe I am but I will miss that world.

Life in a nut shell

So it's been a while since I've blogged but that's not entirely my fault. I've tried a couple of times before but as Marisa pointed out that blogger has a problem with internet explorer which is what I am using so it's deleted my blog after trying to post. So frustrating especially since my last attempt was quite a long blog. So here's another try to tell you guys of all the happenings going on in my life. As everyone will start out there's not much to tell because life for me is BORING but I'll try as much as possible to keep the whining down.
Matt and I were living with my parents for what was suppose to be a month and a half and turned into 3 when his job decided to tell him that you can't stay in Alabama if you don't bring in results. I was excited to see a new state but in all honesty I wasn't looking forward to being away from friends and family. It's going to be really hard for me if Matt gets a permanent job in another state someday (if we ever finish college). So in the middle of June Matt decided that we should move in with Matt's parents because he hasn't had the feeling of being at home since we left our apartment in March. I completely understood what he was talking about but that meant that I'd be home with Matt's family all day until Matt gets home from work around 6. PLEASE don't get me wrong I absolutely love Matt's family, they are always kind to us but it's just always awkward to get something to eat when it's not the house you grew up in. Matt works with a few other guys doing lawn care, it's not the best job but it's something to pay the bills.
We've loved living with both families but we are all REALLY ready to move into a place of our own. I just started looking at for some places that are foreclosed (is that how you say it?) and there are some really good deals out there. You have to pay 200 bucks to even look at the whole website and after 6 months if you don't find anything than you get that 200 back. We're just going to look until mid August when we were going to move into our old apartment complex. I've seen houses with yards that are as little as 600 a month with a rent to own situation, this would be ideal for us and that's what we're on the lookout for. Well I know it was a long post but now you know me so much better. Oh ya one last thing, my brother comes home from serving a mission in Oklahoma on August the 4th!!!!! I'm so excited to see him, we've already started planning a harry potter fest so he can see the last 2.