Tuesday, June 29, 2010

West Fest and other pics

We went to the West Fest with our good friends the Kendalls and the Pooles and it was such a blast, a little warm but still really fun. I mainly just wanted to go on the Carousel with Emmalyn.

She was absolutely adorable in her shades.

Emmalyn really loved the Merry-Go-Round, she kept jumping up and down in her harness.

All that sun must have tuckered her out!

Marianne, Marisa, Ashley, Angie and I made some really cute shoes with tons of help from Marisa. They turned out pretty good, no worries Marianne I promise to pay you back for the shoes.

No, that's not Emmalyn but I saw this picture on a cake blog and thought that it was absolutely adorable. I want to do this for Emmalyn's 1st birthday which is in a little over 4 months, can you believe that?


Faye said...

I liked how your family matched in the West Fest pics. (you were all wearing dark pink/red) Looking good!

Kathi Palmer said...

Oh Heather, I'm glad you are sharing all these great things on your post. I loved reading them and seeing the pictures.
Love you so much....
ps that sweet baby is adorable! Emmalyn, not the cake baby.