Sunday, June 13, 2010

Starting of the summer pics

So it's been a great Summer already and since I've been taking so many pictures I thought that I'd share them with you all. They aren't really in order but that's ok.

So Emmalyn had a personal achievement today, she pulled herself up to stand all by herself! I had to get a picture of that. Then she fell backwards but she pulled herself up twice without any help from us. We're so proud of her!

First off let me start off by telling you of a big accomplishment for me. I made my first Pot Roast and it was actually VERY GOOD, very tender. This first pic is my little make-shift lid. The only lid I had wasn't oven safe so I had to make one up. I just used a heavy pie pan and if worked. Here's what it looked like before it was cooked, sorry if it grosses you out.

Then the finished product!!! I'm not that great with presentation but it was very juicy and tender!

So my family in-laws had a LotR Marathon. Don't know what that is, no worries neither did I. It was a Lord of the Rings Marathon, 14 hours of it because all 3 of them were extended and we also watched some special features. It was a blast!

So we have swings in our apartment complex and Emmalyn absolutely loves them!

We went to the Logan Temple with some friends and the landscape was very beautiful!

This is at an Institute Party. Peter Brienholt (however you spell that) and Ryan Shuppe were the entertainment and they were awesome!

Same activity with the singers in the background, but you can't see them at all. I promise they're there.

I got new specs! What do you think of them?

Back at the Logan Temple, couldn't figure out how to rearrange the pictures after I'd placed them.

This is the same spot of the picture we put on our wedding announcement at the Logan Temple. 2 years later and a lot has changed.

We went swimming at Bear Lake, sadly for only about 20 minutes because it was sooo windy. We just went back to Logan and swam in Angie's pool.

Ridding the carousel at Hogel Zoo, despite the picture she really loved it!

Grandma, Matt and the Miller kids feeding the ducks at the canal right before they went home.


SassyTex said...

We don't even get named?! To quote a famous girl "How rude!" :p That picture of emmalyn with the sun is fabulous by the way!

AngieDoodle said...

Well... thanks for mentioning me. ha ha.
I love you. And your adventures.

Kathi Palmer said...

Oh I love all the pictures. You are making some great memories with Emmalyn. I love it when you write on the blog. Good times!