Monday, July 12, 2010


So I would say that one of the most happiest places in Utah is Lagoon! I absolutely love that place, so many memories and I think that I have gone there almost every year since I was little (except for last year because I was looking forward to having Emmalyn too much). Something that I also use to do when I was little was play monopoly the night before going to Lagoon but my husband Matt had to work his grave shift which presented a problem. I was just going to forgo the game but my cute hubs suggested that since we have 2 sets of Monopoly he could take the Disney set to work (thank you Angie for that set) and I'd play with the regular set at home. Since we have free minutes talking to each other we just talked on the phone from around 10 PM to around 3 PM. Matt usually secures buildings during the night but this particular night he had to work in his car so he had to do some finagling to get everything to fit just right. He's got his money pile in the door handle.

I was kind of tired so forgive the tired look. My set up was a lot easier.

Lagoon was so much fun, we were able to go with my brother-in-law Dan and his wonderful wife Roz, her brother Austin and my awesome sister-in-law Katie. We had a BLAST! This is us just about to go on the Jet Star and no I did not tell them to all make the same face, just happens when you're that awesome.

I love this man so much, any place could be the funnest place on earth with him.


Faye said...

Looks like fun! We went to Lagoon a few weeks ago, but I couldn't ride on anything except the Sky Ride and Rattle Snake Rapids on account of being pregnant.
Also, thanks for sharing your Bounceback experience with us today. It was fun to listen to you and Matt screaming for about six minutes. :D

SassyTex said...

I miss you guys :'(

Victoria Erin said...

Haven't been to Lagoon in years. Can't afford it now either. Wish I could go. They have some fun rides. Though you will never catch me on roller coaster.