Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A pair of Sickies!

Last week we watched one of my nephews and the next day we found out that he had a virus called Hand-foot-and-mouth which is very contagious. So we were watching to see if Emmalyn would get it. Sure enough she did which means that I also got it but only a mild case. But it feels like the flu which doesn't feel mild to me. On the eve of my birthday too!!! Hopefully it will be gone before then cuz we're both miserable.

It also doesn't help that our apartment is stifling hot so we just put Emmalyn in a onsie day and night. Also since Emmalyn just started crawling so her crawling around on the carpet just irritates the spots on her knees. Poor little girl, I can take her being sick but when I'm sick too and I just want to sleep all day it's hard to take care of a baby. I took her to the pediatricial and they said it's on the down hill which is wonderful, we just can't take her anywhere until she is better.


Kathi Palmer said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that you're both sick. What a rotten illness. How can I help you? I hope you still get to go to your high school reunion.
You're in my prayers.....
Love Mom

Ganimobile said...

I'm already starting to feel better, and she got it the day before me so I think she's feeling better too. Matt just woke up this morning feeling sick but not as bad so hopefully his wont be as bad.

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