Saturday, February 18, 2006

I have been blessed

Have you heard that song before? I'm not quite sure who sings it, but it's a wonderful song and also very true. I HAVE been blessed. I have amazing friends who support me in anything I do, I have rights and freedoms that women couldn't have a while ago, and I have a Heavenly Father who loves me along with everyone else in this world not matter what they do. There are a lot of other things that we have all been blessed with, but I can't name them all because the list would go on and on. Just never take anything for granted because you never know how long you'll have it.

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Ashlyn said...

You go, girl! You totally rock my world! I am so grateful for the gift of your friendship. Thank you for all that you do for me. Thanks for the reminder of how great we have things. Sometimes I think it's just too easy to forget. So, thank you. And, yes. I do know that song. It's a dandy, for sure. Love ya!