Saturday, January 24, 2009

New promotion!

So it finally happened I've been promoted for the first time in my life. So for the last almost year and a half I've been working at house 2 for Chrysalis and have loved every minute of it, especially the girls I work with and for. Anyway, a week ago our associate director asked the manager of my house to refer someone for a manager position for another house, and she chose me. So on Friday I had an interview and later that night she told me that I got the job and that my last day working with the house would be the upcoming sunday shift, which is a grave shift. Meaning I wont get to work with any of the girls on my last shift. I was/am really excited for this but got a little sad knowing that I'm pretty much done with that house but my manager talked her in to one more shift at our house since it is liz's birthday and we're having a big celebration. I'm having tons of mixed feelings about the whole thing really since the last time I was a manager my boss tore me apart. I'm sure this one will be different it's just a lot to take on though.


Harvey and Rebecca said...

Congratulations Heather!

I've learned some wonderful things about faith lately. In his CES talk this month, Elder Holland reminded us that faith has everything to do with the future and nothing to do with the past. I am sure your new boss doesn't know the old one. It will all be wonderful.

I love you!!

Aunt Becki

Faye said...

Congrats! That's fun!

SassyTex said...

Yay!! Heather thats fantastic!!