Sunday, November 26, 2006

Just Words

Words can be so powerful. They can make you happy, sad, confused, and even mad but who knew that a phrase of these most powerful words can provoke all of these and more. 3 little words combined that can create every feeling in the world. You know how you truely want to react, but everyone tells you to act another way and it eats at your insides. There is no way to make everybody happy so to please the most amount of people, you end up hurting yourself, or even worse....someone you care very much for. Words can be so powerful!


Ashlyn said...

It's true, words are very powerful things. Probably the most powerfulest thing that I can think of. But, I hope that you won't let what others think influence you too heavily. Don't let them allow you to make yourself, or this certain someone, unhappy. I love you. I hope that I am not one of the people making things hard for you. I am here if you ever need me or ever want to talk or anything. You're my buddy...don't forget it. ;)

Ganimobile said...

Thank you so much Lyn, I know that I can always talk to you. It's no one close by