Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Could Things Be Different

If I could go back I know what I’d change
Do something that I could rearrange.
The choices I made and the choices I had
Maybe could be different if I weren’t mad.
If I could go back I know what I’d do
I maybe would ask for advice from you.
If only I could have been nicer, more kind
Maybe I'd be better inside of my mind
Could I go back and reverse my path,
Or maybe used kindness instead of my wrath.
Just go back once for a minute or two
Something with an affect, giving me something to do.
If I could go back what’s the one thing I’d say
To that someone who needed me and I turned away.
What would I do if I had the choice,
Could I have opened my mouth and let out my voice.
Somewhere given a smile, to someone
Before someone figured there life should be done.
Maybe change how I walk or think instead,
Could be the difference of being alive or dead,
No, I’ll just leave it and try to move on
Because all those choices are instantly gone.


Galvanize chaos said...

Great job! this has inspired me to think before i ever act. because after i say something, i can never take my words back. everything i do, cannot be undone. thank you for writing this!

Ashlyn said...

Holy Moly! THis was AMAZING! I hope that you keep writing forever and forever! You're the inspiration...