Monday, February 06, 2012

Last call for the binkies

I was talking with my Mother-in-law yesterday about when her kids were done with their binkies and today decided to throw ours away. So I asked Emmalyn this morning what she thought about throwing her binkie away in the garbage. She was surpisingly ok with it and wanted to throw it in "garbageman" which means she wanted to throw it in the dumpster garbage. So we got all ready to go outside

Right before we went outside, not sure why she looks so sad because she really was so excited to go to the "garbageman".

She's such a big girl, I can't believe how calm she was about this whole thing.

Since she was so big I gave her a sucker and a Chocolate bar (the last of her Halloween candy finally). Now we'll see how she really feels when she takes her nap and at bedtime.
I have to admit I'm a little sad that one of her comfort items is gone, it just makes me realize how big she is getting. When she threw them in the garbage I almost cried but I was ok watching how ok she was with it. I'm really interested to see how she does at naptime and bedtime which is in 30 minutes. I just barely asked her if she wanted to go take a nap. She said not yet, then said "no binkie anymore", wow so impressed!


Faye said...

Emmalyn is so darn cute! Isn't it amazing how smart little kids are?! Even at 15 months, Achaia surprises me with the things she remembers and understands. I'm glad Em is doing good with the change of not having her binkie. We should set a playdate soon!

Ganimobile said...

ABSOLUTELY! I totally agree with that idea.

Kathi Palmer said...

So cute Heather. She is precious and big now. You're right! What a cutie.

Maddy said...

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