Thursday, September 15, 2011

New job and a new home!

Matt was hired at 2 different jobs YAY! They're both part-time so that's why he went for 2. One is with Metro security, he didn't have to go through the training process as he already had a security liscense. His first shift was on Monday at the State Fair. The other job is with Enterprise car rental and today was his first day on the job. He already told me that his co-workers are great to work with. They also just told him that his family gets a 40% discount so if anyone is ever in need of a car rental ask Matt and he'll hook you up (he told me to write this). Also we are finally back in our own apartment again. We had such a BLAST at my parents house and Matt's parents we were all sad to leave both, thanks so much for everything Mom and Dad!!!! We're up at the University Village again, we just loved our ward so much and it's really great to be this close to campus for Matt. It took about a week but we're just about completely unpacked, all that's left to do is put up decorations. I won't lie though I've had to get pretty creative. In our other apartment (the 300 court where we lived before and 700 court where we now live have a different set-up) there was a linen closet, a pantry and tons of counters not to mention a storage closet. I have none of those here so the closets and cupboards we do have are filled to the brim. We also realized that we needed to find a bookcase or 2 so we looked on and actually found some free ones!!!!! There wasn't a picture of them so we called and decided to give them a look. There were 4 of them and luckily they folded up for easy transportation. I LOVE THEM!!!! They are a dark cherrywood and we've been able to get all of our AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Sorry Emmalyn just spit a mouth full of liquified crackers all over me! To finish my last sentence, we've been able to get all of our books, cd's and movies on them. Well anyway, pictures soon to come of our decorated home.


Michelle Kay said...

I am glad that he got a job and that you two have your own place again! Post pictures!
That is weird about Emmalyn.. I wonder what it going on.

AngieDoodle said...

Dear Heathy,
I love you. And this post. Most especially how you type your disgust at having food spit at you. You're wonderful. Good luck with getting into the swing of things and all that jazz. Sounds great!

AngieDoodle said...
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Nelson Family said...

I am so excited for you two! Such good things ahead for you both! I miss seeing you as much as I used to :)

Kathi Palmer said...

Heather I'm so happy for you to be back in the university crowd. Your apartment is so cute and you've made it a lovely home for the Omers. We miss you down here, but luckily you're still in the Valley. I LIKE THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH, it's close! (don't tell anyone)

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