Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Potty Trouble!

So we're staying at my parents home in West Valley and it's a little hard to keep things baby proofed like cabinets and doors closed. When we lived in our aparment you just always closed the bathroom after you but now I can't get people to close them!!! As a result of this if it ever gets silent I make a mad dash to the bathroom and sure enough there I'll find her playing in the toilet with a huge puddle on the floor. I just did this 5 minutes ago and this time she had my hairbrush in the toilet!!!!!! ARGH!!!! What am I going to do with her? I have to admit it is pretty hard to stay mad at her especially when she signs the word "sorry" with her little hand so I get over it pretty fast. As I'm writing this Emmalyn just sqeezed her apple juice box on my pants and spilled a bag of Quaker Rice Snacks on me. I was about to explode when Matt just walked in the door with flowers for me. I just started crying! I love that man so much and I'm going to miss him like crazy! Ok so now life is ok again.


Faye said...

I'm glad Matt is taking care of you. And I'm glad you can laugh about the things Emmalyn does. :D

La Gran Escritos said...
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