Friday, February 04, 2011

Changes being made

So Matt decided yesterday that life is just too stressful for him with 3 full time things, school and 2 full time jobs. He doesn't have time to sleep, do homework, sell security systems and go to work so we decided something had to go. It couldn't be either of his jobs because we need the money so the only logical thing was to leave school for the semester. that being said we have to move out of our apartment because you can't live there if you are not attending school. So at the end of February/starting of March (not sure when yet) we are moving in with my Mom and Dad just until April.
In April everyone who is not in school leaves for the summer to go sell and as we won't be in school that means we're leaving on April 11th. My sister is getting married on the 14th of May so either I stay here while Matt is gone for the month or I go and we all fly back for the wedding. Not sure what yet but I'll let you all know. We decided all of this just yesterday as today is the last day to withdraw from your classes. The reason for dropping school is because he was not able to devote anytime to homework and when he did he just couldn't figure things out because he was so tired. The main hope for working this summer is to make enough so that Matt won't have to work during school and can devote all of his time to his classes. The good thing is that he's not quitting school he is just taking this semester off as he REALLY needs to get some sleep. It also means one more month to sell which will help out a lot.


Faye said...

Sounds like a reasonable plan to me. Good luck with everything! We will miss you even more if you are gone an extra month, though. But hopefully the money will be worth it. :)

Ganimobile said...

hopefully, also we can still play Mario Kart no matter where we are :-)

Nicole said...

Heather~ I just got on your blog... haven't been out in forever and have to laugh about a few things... FIRST your sister is getting married... WHAT!!! I had not heard this... SECOND.. I have been selling Premier for over a year and a half- totally love it! We will have to talk!! I wish you and Matt tons of luck in Alabama... I lived there when I was a baby- heard it's a good place!