Tuesday, September 12, 2006

All events within the same day

You ever have one of those days when it seems like everything is going wrong? Well today, they didn't SEEM to go wrong. THEY WERE WRONG!!!!

First mess-up: This morning Pixie and I were in our Geology lab and found out the name of this guy we've thought was hot for a while, (we've called him hot Geology boy for a while) but we finally know his name and it's Mr. White. 2 hours later we had the class. When we fist got there Mr. White was not there. We sat in some seats (auditorium seating) close to the front and then I start to wonder where Geology boy was so of course I said out loud "WHERE IS MR. WHITE, I wonder where he is etc .etc. etc. and I just keep going. Finally Pixie (who is trying to keep from laughing) grabs her phone and starts to text so I naturally read it......"he's sitting right behind you" WHAT???? so I slowly turn my head to the left just enough to see his pant let and I turn back around just mortified. There is no doubt in my mind that he heard me!

Second mess-up: Pixie was showing me a picture of me on her phone and then said "I'll keep it close to my heart", noticed it was dirty, and rubbed it on her chest. I then attempted to immitate this but threw my hand inside my shirt, just as an institute teacher walked by and gave me the wierdest look ever as if to say SINNER, and in an institute! Can this go on? OH IT CAN

Third mess-up: I was using the restroom in our apartment and either we have a really sucky (haha) toilet, or I just "over-whiped" because it got clogged. It was almost all gone so I figured I could just flush it once more and it'd be good. That just made it worse so I proceeded with the plunger. After a few ups and downs I heard a sound and looking in the toilet it was all gone, the water was clean but the water level had not dropped so I did the next "smart" thing....flush it again. Nope, not gone yet and before the water spills out onto the floor it stops 1/4 inch under the lid. PHEW!!! So now the hard decision, do you just wait for it to go down or try the plunger. I tried the plunger but slowly so as to not spill the almost spilled water. This lifted the water right to the top but no spillage luckily and then after a few tiny ups and downs it all completely drained out. Man that would not have been a fun clean up!

fourth and last mess-up: we were all talking in the front room of our apartment and as Crisco asked me to go feed the fish before any more of them went belly up (RIP NEMO) I went to take two steps and as I was saying something (but I dont really remember) and I tripped on the bean bag chair and totally biffed it in front of everone landing front face on the floor. I didn't hurt anything other than my pride. After all of this, I am ready for bed, but with my luck I'll probably roll out of my window after the glass ripped my clothes off and I'll land on some hot guys car, BUCK NAKED! I wouldn't be suprised!!!


Ashlyn said...

Wow, Palm-Dog. It sounds like you had quite the day. I'm just glad that I could have been there to witness it all (except the toilet trama, of course). Don't worry my dear, you handled everything very well. You're a star man!!!! And, I might add, an inspiration to us all!

Pookie said...

i wish i could have a day that good.
love you gani!! we should all hang out sometime.. in a padded room with no windows...

fezzik said...

HAHA! That was a good day...for the rest of us. :D You rock my socks.