Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Once Again

Last year I wrote how I was scared to death to be heading off to college because I had no idea of what to expect. What were my roommates going to be like, will classes be hard, what kind of things should I bring, and will anyone want to be my friend. Going into un-known territory can be really terrifying that way. But now I'm going where I've gone before but it will be ten times better this year. I'm rooming with some of the best girls this year including the new girl "Betty" (who hopefully is a fun person), i've got classes with some of them as well and I feel ready to be there. But Once Again I'm off to USU and completely excited to be there.


crisco said...

I know i'm the greatest. you don't have to tell me =D

Ganimobile said...

well that's funny I thought I didn't haha jk